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8 thoughts on “ Collaboration Of Mics - Artifacts - Thats Them

  1. Artifacts Collaboration Of Mics lyrics & video: And ya don't stop! (3X) This ain't a blast from the past, it's a boomer from the future - E. Sermon And ya don't stop! This ain.
  2. Artifacts, New Jeruz, catch wreck and get the props You know the time when we rock the shit Tame One and MC El we be the ultimate [Verse 1: El Da Sensei & Tame One] We bring forth the swords in.
  3. Artifacts That's Them lyrics. Features That's Them release year and link to Artifacts lyrics!
  4. Collaboration with the Artifacts, bustin on this Lord Finesse creation Causin heart attacks and palpatations Amalgamation like steel, we calibratin mics to keep it real [Tame One] I feel blessed by Finesse and Lord Jamar, sess my interest is invested in, testin men like lab specimens My daily regiment of elemental babble.
  5. Share on. Artifacts don't run the gauntlet too much, but their take on tough beats'n'production with straight-ahead raps proves effective on their second album. The feature, "Collaboration of Mics," also includes Jamar and Finesse.6/
  6. Artifacts shit, we got the hard shit regardless" Althoug the album slows down a little on tracks , the shine comes back in when Lord Finesse and Lord Jamar get down on the Collaboration of Mics. Finesse and the Facts together was a natural and long overdue.
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  8. Artifacts - Thats Them 1. Art Of Scratch (Intro) 2. Art Of Facts 3. 31 Bumrush 4. To Ya Chest 5. Where Yo Skillz At? 6. Collaboration Of Mics (ft. Lord Jamar & Lord Finesse) 7. The Ultimate 8. It's Gettin' Hot 9. This Is Da Way The Interview Break It Down .

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